Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Power of Clothing for Men

Your clothing can make you feel powerful.

Think of the last time you got dressed and just felt great, you look great, you feel great, you can take on the world. Often the clothing you choose to wear has a powerful effect on your perception of yourself and the world. Dressing up in a suit is a great example, men will feel the power of being very well dressed and that will show in how they interact with the world. There are good reasons layers, doctors, politicians and business people wear suits other than a dress code, they want to communicate authority and confidence.

When a man has clothing that fit well, look amazing and are unique, he will be more confident and powerful. Imagine never questioning that you are looking good and how that could change your life.

At Justin Harvey, we encourage feeling powerful. The 'power tie' is a real thing, according to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science. Researchers had certain people wear formal business attire and complete a series of five experiments that challenged their cognitive processing abilities. Those who dressed up felt significantly more powerful and in control of the situation than their under-dressed peers.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Business Casual Dress Shirt and Jeans


Men’s dress shirts are not only for work or formal events and Justin Harvey has some of the best styles to choose from. Wearing a dress shirt with jeans is perfectly acceptable. Just as dress shirts have been embraced by the everyman, jeans have come a long way in cleaning up their unrefined ways. When the right dress shirt and the right jeans combine, nothing can stop them from creating the ultimate classy but casual outfit.

Not every shirt goes well with every pair of jeans and all jeans are not the same.  Depending on your build, many jeans will not fit or feel right. Marcello Sport provides light weight jeans that have a little stretch in the fabric to fit better than your standard jean choices and have the fine details that Marcello Sport is known for.

As far as colors and patterns go, both for your jeans and your shirt, here is where things can get a little tricky. There is some debate about whether stripes and checks can be worn well with jeans, but we think they can be fine as long as you like the combination.

Black and white, two deceptively simple colors to match with jeans, work wonderfully with jeans if the shirt has the right accent fabric at the collar and cuffs. Colors like pale pink or mint green work better with jeans that are little more on the blue side.  For dark washed denims deeper shades of red, green and grey can work really well but watch out with any shade of blue if you’re trying to avoid too much of a uniform look about it.

For a stylish and relaxed look, nothing will look better than jeans and a great button shirt with accent fabric and custom buttons. All of the shirts on can be worn un-tucked and do not look sloppy because they are designed to worn un-tucked for maximum comfort.

Friday, February 17, 2017

You Can Rock that Pink Shirt


Pulling off a pink shirt can be done with confidence if you have the right pink shirt for you. If you feel uncomfortable or self conscious about wearing pink, let us assure you that pink is not always a female color, and historically pink being associated with the female is relatively new.

The generally accepted rule prior to 1900 was pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The opposite of the accepted gender colors today.  The reason is that pink , being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.  Our current gender identification by color began in the early 20th century in the Western world.

Starting just before the 1920s, pink was deemed by many guides to be more appropriate for girls and blue for boys, although this wasn’t even remotely as popular as the “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” association that exists today; many people completely ignored the gender recommendations altogether.

It is generally thought that the designation of gender colors was simply because if parents followed such a color scheme, they would have to buy a whole new wardrobe and set of baby accessories in the “appropriate” colors if they had a boy and a girl at some point, rather than just going with reusing the one set for both as before, increasing the sales of children's clothing.

Outside of situations where one is compelled to wear pink to show support for breast cancer, it still takes an extra ounce of confidence to sport a pink shirt. Pink is a strong color and wearing pink indicates confidence and strength.

That extra swagger is perhaps why men who don pink dress shirts have been shown to be better educated, make more money, and receive more compliments from the ladies around the office than their white-shirted peers.

The easiest way to stand out in a sea of blue and white, is a solid pink button-down dress shirt with a bit blue balances the look perfectly. A pink button down shirt with jeans is a great look.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Ten Commandments of Men's Fashions

All style is relative, but there are some style rules for men that should be commandments. Justin Harvey can provide the fashions, and if you follow a few commandments you can look better every day.

Ten basic fashion commandments for men:

1. Thou shall wear a belt when wearing pants with belt loops.

2. Thou shall match the color of his belt to that of his shoes.

3. Thou shall not wear suspenders without a jacket. Sorry hipsters.

4. Thou shall never, ever, ever use their belt to hold accessories like phones, Ipods, ID tags and/or keys.

5. Thou shall not wear sport sunglasses with a suit. It’s like wearing socks with sandals.

6. Thou shall not wear a tie without a jacket.

7. Thou shall match the color of his socks with the color of his pants. As an exception, socks can be matched to something worn above the waist such as a man’s shirt, tie, pocket square or suspenders.

8. Thou shall not wear a crew neck undershirt when the top button of a shirt is left unbuttoned. When leaving the top button unbuttoned thou shall wear a v-neck undershirt.

9. Thou shall never button all three buttons of a three button jacket. Sometimes the top, always the middle and never ever ever the bottom.

10. It is better to be overdressed than under-dressed.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons - Chairman Fashions

There are so many ways to pit the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons, review the stats, compare players, or detailed analysis of plays and strategy. At Justin Harvey we decided to ignore everything football and take a look at the fashion choices of the team's Chairman to determine the winner of the big game. Not that the way a Chairman of the team dresses has a direct link to the team's success, but it does speak to the type of man that is in charge. 

Image result for Arthur Blank

Arthur Blank - Chairman Atlanta Falcons

As the co-founder of Home Depot one would think that Mr. Blank would be influenced to dress in a more working man's style but his background as an accountant seems to prevail in his fashion choices. In the vast majority of the pictures we could find he dressed on the formal side, a dark suit, white shirt and a red tie. He does wear some colored suits and other conservative ties, but almost always he has on a crisp white shirt, tie with matching pocket square and cuff links. His fashion choices portray a business man, which is what he is. A strongly conservative look with class. 

His fashion choices lead us to believe he will guide his team in a serious and business like manner. He appears as the classic Chairman of the board, a successful business man who loves the business of football. This leads us to believe his team will play a fairly conservative offense with a strong grounding in the basics of the game. Defensively his fashion choices tell us he will be stable and relentless. He does show a bit of flair in his fashion choices occasionally and that will be reflected in the game strategy, strong and consistent with a few bold moves, but not too bold. 

Robert Kraft - Chairman New England Patriots

Robert Kraft has style. His fashion choices are a little varied with some key elements he consistently wears. Much like Arthur Blank, he is all business but Robert brings a bit of daring. Kraft has stated that he started his company, International Forest Products, out of a hunch that the increase in international communications and transportation would lead to an expansion of global trade in the late twentieth century. 

From all the pictures we could find a few things stood out. His fashion choices have a conservative base with some key differences that make him stand out. He wears dark suits, with a variety of ties and matching pocket square, with red being the most common, and consistently wears a colored shirt with white cuffs and collar like the Marcello Sport dress shirt with neat trim. Mr. Kraft has been known to wear ostentatious cufflinks, and his accessories have even impressed the most flamboyant pro athlete of all, Floyd Mayweather. In 2015 Kraft was spotted wearing what appeared to be Super Bowl ring cufflinks at a Sunday game. Now that is some bold bling.

His fashion choices lead us to believe his team will be bold, confident and take calculated risks. He appears as an aggressive individual and Chairman, a successful business man who loves the game of football. This leads us to believe his team will play an aggressive offense with the occasional high risk play . Defensively his fashion choices tell us his team will be forceful and willing to take risks rather than hold the line. His bold fashion choices will be reflected in his team's aggressive and stylish game play while confidently taking risks.

At Justin Harvey we like men who are willing to take a little risk, be it in football, business or fashion. Judging only by the fashion choices of the Chairmen we are compelled to choose Robert Kraft as the enviable winner based on his bold fashion choices. Our customers tend to be leaders and risk takers, willing to dress impressively, putting together their own unique style with quality uncommon fashions for a unique impression.

No matter who wins, dressing with style always make you a winner and Justin Harvey has the unique fashions to ensure your style will be unique and impressive.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Tee Shirts have come a long way

The tee shirt has come a long way, has some of the most fashionable tees on the market.

The actor Marlon Brando, wore a tee shirt in the 1947 stage production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" and is credited for having made the garment fashionable.

Below are two short paragraphs from a popular fashion trade magazine from 1950 pointing out that the white cotton knit crew-neck garment we call the T-shirt came into this world with the name "quarter sleeve" and had it's origin in the U.S. Navy, where it earned it's popularity and soon spread to other branches of the U.S. military during the mid-to-late 1930s.

Tee shirts are a staple of every man's wardrobe and what a man considers a "great" tee shirt changes dramatically over time. As a child or teen, brightly colored tee shits with a logo or some silly comment are great. As an adult, a great tee shirt is one that fits well, is made from higher quality fabric with more sophisticated color choices.

Men do not have to give up their favorite concert tee or other tee shirt they have had for decades that they can relive their youth through, we just suggest having a few tee shirts more suited to a mature man that exhibits style and not a product or band.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Men's Belts - It's all about the leather

Men's belts come in ever color and type of leather you can imagine and every man has bought a belt that fell apart in a matter of weeks or months. I have owned many belts that fell apart too quickly, I also own a few that have lasted for decades.

The difference is the leather. If I had paid attention to what the leather actually was made from I could have saved myself frustration and money by not purchasing cheap fo-leather belts that look great when you buy them but fray and separate almost immediately.

I have found that price does matter, and spending a bit more gets you much more from a leather belt. If you really want a belt to last, it's going to cost a bit more. Many of the more exotic leathers can last a lifetime, for example an alligator leather belt will out last you, but they are fairly expensive.

You can get the same look and almost the same quality with an alligator embossed leather at half the price. When shopping for a belt, it is a good idea to check the actual type of leather and research reviews of the brand. I bought a very nice belt, looked up the brand and could not find it anywhere and it turns out that the "brand" did not exist. The belt fell apart in few months.