Thursday, December 29, 2016

Before the Apple Macintosh there was the Mackintosh

Today Google is celebrating the 250th birthday of Charles Macintosh, a Scottish chemist who invented waterproof materials, leading to the modern raincoat.

“Today’s Doodle shows Macintosh enjoying a Scottish rain shower whilst testing his ingenious invention,” Google says.

The Mackintosh raincoat, though spelled differently, is named for Macintosh. The iconic coats were first created with materials invented by Macintosh.

The Macintosh computers did change the world, but the Mackintosh raincoat changed the world also. I doubt that Steve Jobs would have been as motivated to make computers if he had been unable to stay dry and stayed home when it rained.

Thinking about the impact of a simple raincoat on the world made me realize that without the iconic look of the original Mackintosh rain coat we would not have the images in our heads of all the celebrities,  politicians and everyone at some point wearing a coat very similar to the Mackintosh.

From business men to G-men to fashion models, the rain coat, trench coat, overcoat, slicker, or whatever you may call it, we should all know about the man who started it all. The original company has gone through some transformations over the years but the true Mackintosh raincoats are still available at http://mackintosh.com

Evey man should own at least one rain coat in the Mackintosh style. You can wear just about anything with it and look great, even a tee shirt and jeans.

Head on over to Google.com and check it out.

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