Wednesday, December 28, 2016

‘Glee’ Star Blake Jenner could have dressed better for ‘Supergirl’ Melissa Benoist

Looking through the headlines today I noticed an article on The Huffington Post that got me thinking. 

I don't know much about Blake Jenner and I have never watched Glee, but I did look through some photos of the fellow and thought "he dresses like a kid". Granted he is 24 years old, that is kinda young, and he plays the part of a young guy, but when he is not in character it might have been a good idea to dress like a man.

Don't get me wrong, he is a good looking guy. It's just that when you get married it's a good idea to start looking the part. Dressing like a teenager in your mid 20s is kinda sad, doing it when you are married can make your spouse continue to see you as a teenager and Melissa Benoist being 4 years older than Blake makes it all the more important for him to appear at least as mature as she is.

It's sad that their marriage is ending and I do not want pick on Blake Jenner, but he appears to be a good example of men being reluctant to dress and present themselves as mature confident men leaving the tee shirts and hoodies for the current crop of teens and graduating to wearing quality designer clothing intended for men not teens.

It makes me wonder how many women have had a real problem with the fashion choices (or lack there of) the men in their lives make.  So, I asked a bunch of married women. By no means was this a "study", I just asked what they thought about how their spouse dressed. Most of the answers surprised me.

From my very un-scientific poll it seems that about half of the husbands have a real problem, they can look great when they dress up, but most days their fashion choices were less than complimentary.  Bum, Kid, Slacker, and Homeless were the worst adjectives describing the husbands "style", always followed by "he doesn't really care about what he wears".

As someone working in the men's fashion industry, this was a bit distressing, but I think the men do "care", it's just that they just are uncomfortable with change and look at men's fashion as skinny jeans and silly costumes because the main stream men's fashion choices are marketed with teen or teen looking models and that is definitely not who real men identify with.

I think many men need to know, you may not care about what you wear but those you care about do care.  I do not think fashion choices of men can make or break a marriage, but being a well dressed man couldn't hurt.

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