Monday, January 9, 2017

Macys Closures - Men's Clothing Online

Over the years we have asked innumerable men where they shop for clothing and often the answer was Macy's. Many men do not like to shop and having one store where they could buy what they needed without much effort was why they shopped at Macy's. Department stores were easy for the male shopper and usually nearby. With the announced of 63 Macy's closing in early spring 2017 many men will need to find another source for their clothes. Some may use Macy's website, but if you are going to order online why not break out of the Macy's rut.

National department stores have pretty much the same inventory all over the country and anyone looking for unique items that every Tom, Dick and Harry does not already own should do some shopping around online. By shopping around we do not mean just going only to Amazon. Think about it this way, most men spend hundreds of hours shopping for a new car and just going to a dealer and buying whatever they have on hand seems like a crazy thing to do, but men do this with clothing every day. Like a car, clothing is an investment in the identity you want to portray. If a man want to look good in that new car they really should take just a fraction of the time they spent shopping for the car on shopping for clothing.

We encourage any man who has had his local Macy's taken away and is not sure what to do, to at least look at justin-harvey.com. There are many Men's clothing providers on the web and with just a little effort you can gather a wardrobe you will be proud to wear.

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