Friday, March 10, 2017

Business Casual Dress Shirt and Jeans


Men’s dress shirts are not only for work or formal events and Justin Harvey has some of the best styles to choose from. Wearing a dress shirt with jeans is perfectly acceptable. Just as dress shirts have been embraced by the everyman, jeans have come a long way in cleaning up their unrefined ways. When the right dress shirt and the right jeans combine, nothing can stop them from creating the ultimate classy but casual outfit.

Not every shirt goes well with every pair of jeans and all jeans are not the same.  Depending on your build, many jeans will not fit or feel right. Marcello Sport provides light weight jeans that have a little stretch in the fabric to fit better than your standard jean choices and have the fine details that Marcello Sport is known for.

As far as colors and patterns go, both for your jeans and your shirt, here is where things can get a little tricky. There is some debate about whether stripes and checks can be worn well with jeans, but we think they can be fine as long as you like the combination.

Black and white, two deceptively simple colors to match with jeans, work wonderfully with jeans if the shirt has the right accent fabric at the collar and cuffs. Colors like pale pink or mint green work better with jeans that are little more on the blue side.  For dark washed denims deeper shades of red, green and grey can work really well but watch out with any shade of blue if you’re trying to avoid too much of a uniform look about it.

For a stylish and relaxed look, nothing will look better than jeans and a great button shirt with accent fabric and custom buttons. All of the shirts on Justin-Harvey.com can be worn un-tucked and do not look sloppy because they are designed to worn un-tucked for maximum comfort.

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