Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Video clips showing some Marcello Sport Fashions

We are begining to add video on Justin-Harvey.com to give people a better idea of the amazing men's clothing.

Here are a few short videos showing Marcello Sport shirts and a Marcello unconstructed sport jacket.

Men's Fashion Videos

Featuring Marcello Sport

Marcello Mens Sport Knitted unconstructed Mens Sport Jacket 
with Pic Stitching

Wearing a sports coat with jeans has been a fashion for a long time, but having a sports coat designed specifically to be worn with jeans is where Marcello Sport has perfected the look.

The Marcello Sport knitted unconstructed sport jacket merges a classic blue sports coat with denim creating a jacket that will complement your favorite jeans like never before. J417

Marcello Bright Stars Men's Shirt

The engineered pattern of this shirt refers to the gradient of stars at the top fading to pure white toward the bottom of the shirt. One of the most unique patterns we've seen. No pocket, classic fit, double button adjustable cuffs with contrasting inner collar and cuffs.

Marcello Painted Puzzle

Jewel toned, painted geometric pattern. Unique and sophisticated. Double track stitching, custom buttons, medium spread collar, classic fit. This a very cool shirt with bright colors and a great pattern.

Marcello Bold Check With Jacquard Paisley

Wow .... just wow.
This Marcello Sport shirt is a great example of why Marcello Sport is known for exemplary style that can not be matched. The check pattern alone has fine detailing and unique color transitions, but with the addition of the jacquard paisley this shirt is simultaneously classy, cool and casual. A beautiful mix of bold checks with a subtle jacquard paisley background. Shirt has no pocket, double button adjustable cuffs and spread collar. 100% cotton.

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